For You Films are a boutique production house based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to providing you with the highest quality wedding films that will make your heart skip a beat. We are a team of passionate filmmakers, editors, color graders, and wedding planners, all at your service to provide you an experience that compliments your special day in the most perfect way possible.


Director - Editor - Videographer

Marc is a professional filmmaker based in Melbourne. His insatiable desire to tell moving stories has allowed him to be a part of an extensive range of productions from small scale, run-and gun music videos to full scale advertising campaigns, weddings, corporates and anything in between.

Marc's extensive knowledge in directing, shooting and editing make him the perfect man to tell the story of your most special day.



Videographer - Editor

Starting off his career as an event photographer, James knows how important it is to capture every moment perfectly. He understands the process to craft the best frames that perfectly encapsulate your day. Moving freely between events, corporate and wedding videography and photography, James is as enthusiastic and creative as he is determined and knowledgeable. 

James will go the extra mile for your project in every way. Ensuring you are totally satisfied both on the day and when you leave with your final film.




Coming from a strong background of both photography and filmmaking, Mark knows what it takes to get that perfect shot. His experience in shooting both weddings, corporates and creative projects have gifted him the ability to get the very best out of your picturesque moments.

As a natural cinematographer, Mark will ensure your perfect day gets the perfect film it deserves.



Wedding Planner

Born with an insatiable need to organise, Briana constantly strives to help people who may be finding the process of planning their own beautiful wedding a bit overwhelming. Honing her craft as an event planner, Briana knows whats required of her to satisfy every couple and every budget, working tirelessly in any way necessary to make the wedding of your dreams a reality, and allowing you to relax and take in your special day.

If you feel Briana could lend a helping hand for a small portion, or the entire wedding, drop her a line to begin taking the stress off yourselves, so you can relax knowing your wedding is in good hands.