Jacqueline & Kek's Wedding Day!

June 25th 2016… The date we had all been waiting for finally came and went, but what a day it was.

Jacqueline first came to me last year. She told me she was getting married and that she wanted my help with it all. I couldn’t contain my excitement; I jumped at the opportunity to help straight away.

Together, we tackled every aspect of the day, from the invites, to the venue, the music and the decor. With regular catch-up’s and chats about what to add and what to take away, what to buy and where to buy it, we developed an aestehtic for the day that was sure to please everyone. We decided on a rustic/vintage theme for Jacqueline’s wedding, I knew it would suit her well. We started by organising a guest list, invitation designs and order, a pre-wedding photo shoot, venue inspections, accommodation for family, Jacqueline’s dress, a flower order, fairy lights, candles, lace, birdcages, guestbook, photos, flower girl baskets and more.  

I worked hand in hand with Jacqueline and Kek, her lovely husband-to-be, as an assistant to the both of them when they needed it, I tried to make it a smooth run for them the whole time so that they didn’t have to stress about anything. After getting to know the couple personally, I realised that their personalities were a lot like mine, relaxed and positive. Their love for each other grew stronger every time I saw them and that was what made me most excited about their wedding. To be able to share their special day with them and know I helped bring the day together for everyone to enjoy.

The wedding went off without a hitch! Every aspect came together beautifully, we even got to enjoy a beautiful afternoon out in the sunshine as was originally intended for the ceremony, as the weather looked like it may at some point force us inside.

Myself and the For You filmmakers worked tirelessly to get the job done, and to deliver something special to the bride and groom, and with the beaming smile that couldnt be wiped from Jacqueline's face when she came over to wish us well as we left, I knew we had done just that!

Congratulations on the beautiful newly weds Jacqueline & Kek!

If you have any questions or queries regarding how I can help with the organisation and planning of your wedding day, whether it be a small portion or the entire wedding, feel free to contact me and we can arrange a coffee for a chat!

Briana x